Sophisticated New Build

When one of our VF Interiors clients made a move from a timeless townhouse in Naperville to Warrenville, Illinois, we were challenged with the revisiting many of the furniture pieces and elements and placing them into a brand-new space. We found creative ways to use furnishings in different rooms to create a sophisticated home with touches of traditional style.

The project opened up new avenues as we were able to incorporate bold colors, patterns and textures into the spaces of this newly-built townhouse. The master bathroom is an example of the stunning looks that can be created when bold color choices blend with modern accents. VF Interiors chose to coat the space in a deep, saturated blue-gray and paired it with a granite countertop that incorporated a mix of black, cream and tan tones. We echoed the signature blue hue in the rug and window treatments and offset it all with modern lighting fixtures. We started with material selections during the build and returned for finishes and furniture at various stages of the project. Because the builders offered semi-custom choices, we worked with the client to find the most suitable fit for finishes, but ultimately agreed that much of it would be replaced to fit our client’s needs. The new townhouse came together in just over 2 years.