On Track Entertaining

VF Interiors was pleased to take on a second design project within the Autobahn Country Club in 2018. The Autobahn Country Club is an exclusive auto racing club that offers members an opportunity to build garage and living spaces unlike any other. This unconventional project brought us back to Joliet, Illinois to create an out-of-the-ordinary space fully focused on entertaining.

The kitchen proved particularly exciting. Because our client chose to forego a dining table, we instead developed a kitchen island that would accommodate up to 12 people. Raised to a bar height, the area may be used for cooking and party preparation or gathering and entertaining. We also incorporated a unique found item into the design – one that our client mentioned during an initial meeting – a copper sink. Its unusual shape calls to mind the race track and is a perfect complement to the space. For the bathroom floor we opted for a painted concrete in striking blue meant to resemble a flowing river. It was crafted by hand, making it one-of-a-kind. The entire project was completed over 18 months. It required VF Interiors to track and coordinate all project needs, honing our particular expertise in organization.