Constructing a Classic

VF Interiors designed a model unit for a newly constructed condo development in Joliet, Ill. that included 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room. Because the project involved working with builders prior to a having a homeowner in the space, our design decisions were wide open from the start. We aimed to create a look and feel that would appeal to a wide variety of potential residents, but came from a singular style. Our focus here involved tile and lighting – two accents most visible in the bathroom. That’s where VF Interiors worked to create the sensation of a luxurious spa, right at home. We maintained a neutral color palette and focused attention on the richness in tones of wood. Porcelain tiles were featured in varying sizes and we created a modern feel through choices in hardware, plumbing and lighting fixtures. Moving toward the kitchen, cabinet styles were chosen for their clean, simple lines and neutral colors. We injected modern personality into the space by giving the wood a graying tint and pairing them with pearl white quartz countertops that feature a hint of gray throughout. The color scheme was echoed around appliances with the choice of gray glass tiles on the backsplash and modern pendant lights made of cut metal spheres. Over 18 months we worked to construct a look that was at once classic, modern and malleable so prospective buyers could connect to the space at once.